What's included in our Houston stock plans?

Plan Sets:
Stock Plan Sets will consist of the following drawings:

1. Site Drawings:
  • Site Plan
2. House Plan Drawings:
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Elevation Plan(s) [4 Faces]
  • Dimension Plan(s)
3. Structural Drawings:
  • Foundation Plan
  • Foundation Details
  • Floor Joists Plan (as applicable)
  • Ceiling Joists Plan
  • Roof Rafter Plan
  • General Specifications
4. Trade Drawings:
  • Electrical Layout Plan
  • Plumbing Fixture Dimension Plan
*All house plans will be drawn to scale in .pdf format.

*Available sizes are 11" x 17", 18’’X24’ ’or  24" x 36".

Stock plans are typically 11’’X17,’’ but if the scale needs to be changed by request, there is an additional fee for the change in scale and paper size.

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